West Breckenridge Parking Lot Closures

Author: Kara Sokol/Monday, October 9, 2017/Categories: News

The City of Ferndale's W. Breckenridge public parking lot will be partially closed during the next two weeks. 

Closures will be in two stages: this week, Oct. 9 through Oct. 16, and next week, Oct. 16 through Oct. 26. Each stage will consist of 2-3 days of work followed by 5-7 days of non-activity while the concrete cures/sets. While it may look as if nothing is happening during the curing/setting process, it's crucial that the area remains undisturbed, or the process will have to start over. 

The work being performed consists of the replacement of pervious pavement installed earlier this year around the catch basins. The pervious pavement isn't working as expected, so it will be removed and replaced with regular pavement at the contractor's expense. 

Thank you for your patience as we work to achieve a high-quality completion of this contracting project. 


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